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January 18th, 2011

GCPM Merch and Other Items on Sale at Domy Austin

Hey y’all, I’ve been dropping off a bevy of GCPM books and some other goodness at Domy Books in Austin over the last month.

Click here for the full list

March 3rd, 2010

STAPLE! 2010

Another week no second post, and then I don’t post until Wednesday nite? Jeeeez I gotta get back in the GAME. Seriously though I’m going to try to post every Tuesday and Friday but sometimes I won’t make it, that’s just how it is, so I’m going to stop commenting on it.

This upcoming weekend is STAPLE! 2010. I’ll be exhibiting as part of the Gold County Paper Mill for the third year in a row!

We’ll have a lot of great stuff, including:

  • T-shirts screenprinted by Jak Cardini and Sarah Cassidy with our owl god (viewable [and purchasable!] on our etsy)
  • The Gold County Paper Mill Presents the DVD (viewable on our etsy), a collection of live performances and videos featuring myself, Jak Cardini, and Dr. Chuch (some of which can be watched either here or here), and an interactive version of the comic Impossible Objects, where I illustrated lines from Jak Cardini’s poetry
  • Print versions of the Impossible Objects comic
  • Jak Cardini Achieves the Narratological Singularity and There Is a Mars, two poetry chapbooks by Jak Cardini
  • Swimming at Work, a collection of short fiction by David Fullen
  • Screenprints of my comic WITCH ATTACKS (previously published online at hahaclever.com) done by the super-talented Rand Renfrow
  • Other digital prints of two of my one-page ATTACKS comics
  • My minicomics Masks, TRANZ, and Froghead Hangover

We’re also going to be splitting our table space with the greeting cards and fabric art of my lovely (and talented!) fiancée Glade Whitworth. We hope to see y’all there, you can see our location of our table in the Monarch Event Center (where STAPLE! will be this Saturday, 3/6/10, from 11am to 7pm) here. We’ll be at table 51A, right by our buddies the Poopsheet Foundation and the League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen. Also, when you come, be sure to check out the STAPLE! Program Guide, in which I’ll have a two-page comic.

January 22nd, 2010


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Here’s the comic that I did for last year’s STAPLE! Program Guide:

I was working on TRANZ at the time, this is an earlier version of the “meditate” page that made it in the final mini.

January 12th, 2010

2009 Recap

2009 was a great year here at the Hypercastle! Here’s some of the highlights:

  • I self-published two minicomics:
    • TRANZ, a collection of one-page shorts based around action verbs like “melt,” “grow,” “muliply,” and so on; copies available from me or at Domy Books in Austin
    • Froghead Hangover, a short autobiographical story about when I was living by myself in an apartment and had a run-in with a shaman; copies available from me, at Domy Books in Austin, or at Austin Books
  • I had my comics in issues of Smoke Signal, Taffy Hips, and the online zine hahaclever.com
  • I was in a few art shows, including Monster Show #4 at Domy and No More Worlds at Concertina Gallery in Chicago, which was picked as one of the top art shows of 2009 by Time Out Chicago (congrats to all the other artists and the curators!)
  • I participated in STAPLE! 2009 alongside the rest of the Gold County Paper Mill and in E.A.S.T. 2009 with my lady Glade Whitworth
  • I finally finished making websites for the G.C.P.M. and Glade (linked above)

2010 is already shaping up to be a great year, here’s hoping that it’ll blow 2009 out of the water! I’ve got several projects in work with some awesome and skilled creative people that I’ll be talking about as they manifest, a half-table for the G.C.P.M. and Glademade at STAPLE! 2010, and ideas for plenty of more comics that I’ll be submitting or self-publishing. I hope that everyone out there is having a great start to the new year, thanks for reading!

September 10th, 2009

No More Worlds Opens this Saturday

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The show No More Worlds at Concertina Gallery in Chicago opens this Saturday, the 12th. Here’s the promotion image again, Alex McLeod’s Jolly Ranch:

If you’re going to be in Chicago this weekend, go check the opening out, from what I’ve seen the other artists are amazing.

I’ve been working furiously on my drawings for this show the last three weeks, and I finally finished them on Monday, a little too late to enjoy the pool on Labor Day, unfortunately, but early enough that I was able to photograph them and package them to be sent by Express Mail to Chicago on Tuesday.

Here’s one detail shot from each of the six drawings:

I think that adding the india ink really changed these from what they were when they were just gouache drawings. I didn’t have as much time to work on these drawings as I would’ve liked, but I’ve been working close to deadlines my whole life, so I’m used to it. I think that, like most procrastinators, I really need to feel the pressure to actually finish something. Otherwise I just dabble and consider all of the possibilities before making a move. With the time constraints that I was working under, I just chose gouache and used it, even though I had limited experience with it before. If there had been more time, I would’ve spent more time playing with different options and practicing techniques. Now, however, I feel really comfortable with gouache and I’m going to start producing more pieces like this. And one thing that I’m going to put together is the comic tools DIY stay-wet palette, check it out. It sounds pretty awesome. I wish that I had remembered that blog post earlier. Having to carefully note my color combinations and then try to replicate them every nite was frustrating. Even with the DIY stay-wet palette, however, I don’t think I’ll be doing narrative drawings any time soon. I didn’t like having to keep the color palette consistent between each piece, I would’ve much rather been able to experiment.

September 3rd, 2009

MELT for No More Worlds at Concertina Gallery

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I’ve been working on my gouache drawings for the show No More Worlds at Concertina Gallery almost every day of the last two weeks. I’ve finished the gouache parts of five of the six drawings (I still have to ink them), but I’ve been having some trouble getting the final page sketched out, so I’m taking a couple days off to doodle out a solution. Sketching out the first page took me several days too.

Once the six drawings are done, they’ll show a simple narrative of a structure melting into a huge lake of some sort of colorful, liquid plastic substance. Here’s part of my (uninked) drawing of the structure:

Here you can see part of the building as it melts:

It’s important, for me to achieve my desired effect, for the structure to go through one or two phase changes as it melts. What I mean by phase change is, as the buildings begin to melt, I draw the same structure, with the same color pattern, it’s just squashed and drawn with increasingly wavy lines. But, at some point, the melting takes on a different color pattern and I don’t redraw the same structure, but modified; instead, I draw a new structure. That’s a phase change. Here’s an example of that happening:

In this image, you can see the unmelted structure in the lower left and the lower right. In the middle and in the upper right, you can see that same structure, with the same color pattern, but drawn with extremely wavy lines. This is the beginning of the melt. But then, along the top and especially in the upper left quadrant of the drawing, you can see the phase change, where the structure has been replaced by the repeating, drippy polygon patten. For the final drawing, I’m trying to come up with a second phase change, which is why it is giving me trouble. I’ll post some pieces of the final drawings once I’ve got them documented.

May 24th, 2009

TRANZ Review by Optical Sloth

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TRANZ got reviewed over at Optical Sloth, here’s a quote:

“Everything looks great and William/Mark is certainly not short on imagination, I guess I’m just more old fashioned in my comics reading, what with my general preference for linear stories and all. Still, there’s a lot to be said with the ‘where the hell is this going to go from here?’ school of making comics, and I’m all kinds of intrigued to see what he does next and what he’s already done that might or might not be more accessible than this to the common folk.”