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August 10th, 2012

Avant Geek at the Phoenix Trade Depot

Hey y’all, I’m selling copies of Vortex #1 and Vortex #2 at the Avant Geek art show at the Phoenix Trade Depot here in Austin.

The show opens this Saturday, here are the deetz:

P.S. Thickness #3 (and Sean T Collins and I’s contribution in particular) is mentioned on Episode 4 of the Comic Books are Burning in Hell podcast (audio is NSFW). Jog name drops my old, never completed comics series Hyperbox. You can read some of HB on my Flickrstream.

P.P.S. Did y’all know that I have a personal tumblr where I post drawings and that Josh Burggraf and I run a Gold County Paper Mill tumblr?

June 26th, 2012

Thickness #3 for Sale Online

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Thickness #3 is now for sale online!

Edit Fake cover for Thickness #3
The cover for Thickness #3, drawn by Edie Fake.

Thickness is an anthology of erotic comics edited by Ryan Sands and Michael DeForge. For #3, Sean T Collins and I collaborated on a ten-page comic called “The Cockroach.” We’re in there alongside a bunch of other fantastic artists. Here’s a photo of the title page of Sean and I’s comic:

The Cockroach by Collins and Cardini title page
All of the interior pages of Thickness are printed in two-color risograph.

This was my first time drawing a comic from a script. I had a lot of fun with it – it gets extremely gross and gooey!

June 15th, 2012

Sketchbook Pages – Vortex #2 and Miscellaneous; Thickness #3 Debuts this Weekend

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Here are two sketchbook pages. This first one started out with Vortex #2 drawings but then I just let my mind wander:

William Cardini sketchbook page

This second one is a sketch for Page 20 of Vortex #2 (you can see the final version in this preview):

William Cardini sketchbook page

Also, I almost forgot to mention, Thickness #3 is debuting this weekend at CAKE in Chicago. Sean T Collins and I collaborated on a ten-page story for it. Check it out!