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September 13th, 2011

“Please Save Maria Kondratiev” Art Show with Music by Katie Mullins and Zine Library

This Saturday, starting at 7pm, my friend Alison Kuo is hosting an art show at her space in Brooklyn called “Please Save Maria Kondratiev” with music and a zine library. The artist is Maria Kondratiev, here’s a drawing of hers from 2008:

Maria Kondratiev sketch
“We Can Use Him” sketch by Kondratiev from her blog.

The musician is Katie Mullins.

Because the show coincides with the Brooklyn Book Fest, Kuo is also organizing a zine library with chapbooks by James Yeh, illustrated by Andrew Bulger; interview and other booklets by Temporary Services; prints by Rand Renfrow; and comics by yours truly, Jak Cardini, Josh Burggraf, and Mike Miles of the Gold County Paper Mill; and others. I wanted to have a new zine but I didn’t finish it in time, so I sent a bunch of my old stuff, including the last issue of Catch Up.

Come check it out! There’ll be drinks and food, but please BYOB and bring your friends. The space, Darling House, is located at the corner of Broadway and Union – Lorimer JMZ, Broadway G, or a ten minute walk from the Lorimer L. Look for the glass door, ring top buzzer.

November 9th, 2010

Catch Up #2 for Sale

Catch Up Louisville #2 is finished!

This issue, which was designed by Robert Bozwell, features comics by me and Noel Freibert; poems by Jim Marlowe, Jak Cardini, Miranda Walton, Adam Day, and Michael A Frick; flash fiction by DT Fullen and FR Freibert; and two cover variants by Josh Burggraf:

Josh Burggraf Variant Covers for Catch Up #2
Josh Burggraf Variant Covers for Catch Up #2

You can buy Catch Up #2 online here, in Austin at Domy Books, or in Louisville at The Makery and Ultra Pop.

Catch Up is presented by The Gold County Paper Mill.

We are currently accepting submissions of writing and full-color comics for an online version of Catch Up. Details are here.

November 5th, 2010

Order Caketrain #8

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Caketrain #8, which comes out this month, contains a collaboration between me and Jak Cardini that continues our “Impossible Objects” series, where I illustrate lines from JC’s poems. Here’s the cover:

Cover for Caketrain #8
Cover for Caketrain #8

You can order the issue here.

If you’re curious about “Impossible Objects,” we made a zine (called Impossible Objects #1, natch) which is for sale on the Gold County Paper Mill etsy.

October 12th, 2010

Review of Hypermorph on The Great God Pan Is Dead

Robert Boyd reviewed my show Hypermorph at Domy Books Houston on his blog The Great God Pan Is Dead. I appreciate his thoughtful review, you can read it here.

In his review, Boyd quotes my description of the Hyperverse from the press release and then says that his “first reaction to this is that it seems pretty dumb.” Ha! I can dig that. Boyd goes on to say that, what makes my approach to genre dumb is that, unlike the Fort Thunder artists that I am (all-too clearly, I know) influenced by, my work lacks does not take genre ironically or satirically. Well, that’s true. I definitely take genre, even the most ridiculous parts of it, extremely seriously. If you want me to get all metaphorical on you, I feel like I do live in, to quote my description of the Hyperverse, “a realm filled with immensely powerful inhuman beings who battle over worlds with strange geologies and hoard advanced technologies” where “mountains shift from molten to crystal between moments and clumps of rock are inhabited by malevolent intelligences ready to hurl face-melting spells,” a cosmos of constant flux, “of constant magical warfare.”

I mean, look at these photos by Edward Burtynsky:

I’m just reflecting the world as I see it.

And I have a response to Boyd’s final question:

So, if creating boyish sci-fi worlds is an aspect of the whole Fort Thunder aesthetic, can we say that aesthetic is inherently male? And if we accept that, is there a female counterpart? And if so, are plush frog heads a part of it?

I definitely wanted Glade to be a part of my show. I’m well aware of how much of a “boy’s club” all of the collectives that I am a part of (Totally Wreck, The Gold County Paper Mill) slash admire (Okaymountain, Fort Thunder), with some exceptions, are, and it’s something that I don’t like about them. All I can say is, I am going to make sure that my first long-form comics narrative passes the Bechdel Test.

August 20th, 2010

Josh Burggraf Inks

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Last week I posted this sketch to my flickr:

Unbeknownst to me, my buddy and fellow GCPM member Josh Burggraf decided to try his hand at inking over my pencils. Check out the dope result:

I especially dig all the details that he added to the Miizzzard at the bottom.

June 29th, 2010

Secret Prison #2 Needs Your Help!

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Two members of the GCPM, myself and Josh Burggraf, got into the second issue of Secret Prison! Here’s the totally dope cover by Benjamin Marra, who will also have a two-page comic in there:

Secret Prison #2 needs your help to happen. They’ve started a Kickstarter page where you can donate to get copies of the issue or ad space. I’m offering up my services to anyone who wants a custom ad drawn for them for the second issue of Secret Prison, leave a comment or contact me at mark p hensel at gmail dot commm if you’re interested and we can work out the deetz.

Josh has already drawn one for the Gold County Paper Mill and the second issue of Catch-Up, check it:

Finally, here’s a preview of my comic (I think it’s the best one that I’ve drawn yet) to pique your interest:

May 4th, 2010

Preview of My Comic for Catch-Up #2

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I’ve been working on my comic for the second issue of Catch-Up all last week (and the week before). I’m still coloring but I thought I’d throw up a preview, here it is:

The comic features Jak Cardini, Dr. Chuch, and the Miizzzard, three members of the Gold County Paper Mill. It’s based on the performance art that we used to do, here’s a choice vid from my youtube channel:

I’ll let y’all know when the issue is available.

April 24th, 2010

Sketches for a New Comic

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I’ve been working on a new comic for the next issue of the magazine Catch Up, which is produced by the publishing/art collective that I’m a part of, the Gold County Paper Mill. The comic features some members of the GCP, so I’ve been doing some sketches to figure out how I want to draw them.

Here’s Dr. Chuch:

Here’s Jak Cardini:

Here’s some other sketches related to the comic:

Jak Cardini, Dr. Chuch, and I used to do performance art together. You can view some videos documenting those performances on my youtube channel, which will give you a preview of the comic. They’re also available for you to own on the GCPM DVD, which is for sale on our etsy.

April 9th, 2010


SHAMAN THUNDER, Josh Burggraf and I’s collaborative comic, published by the Gold County Paper Mill, is debuting this weekend at MoCCA 2010. Here’s a preview shot:

The comic is 12 pages of sequential art plus a yellow cardstock cover and blue endpapers, all xeroxed. Josh and I developed the plot together, broke it down it to a page-by-page outline, and then drew alternating pages. Then we decided to rearrange the first four pages so that it’s two of my pages and then two of his, because we like to be confusing.

If you want a copy try to swing by the Supertalk table at MoCCA or send me a message/leave me a comment on this here blog. We’re selling them for $2 and will have them available at stores at some point, I’ll let y’all know.

March 9th, 2010

STAPLE! 2010 Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the Gold County Paper Mill and Glademade at our half table this year, we had a blast!

pictured: Dave Fullen and Dr. Chuch of the GCPM, and one of the guys from the Poopsheet Foundation

Each year STAPLE! gets better for us and we really appreciate y’all for making it happen. As you can see, the GCPM debuted a lot of new items at this show, including our DVD of performance art, GPCM t-shirts, David Fullen‘s zine of sci-fi short-short stories Swimming at Work, Jak Cardini‘s poetry chapbook There Is a Mars, and dope three-color screenprints of my one-page comic WITCH ATTACKS done by the super talented Rand Renfrow as part of his publishing initiative Test Everything. Next year, we’ll have even more – we’re definitely going to have to get a full table.

And for all of y’all who weren’t at STAPLE!, never fear, we’ll be posting our new items for sale here or on our etsy soon. And hey, if you don’t want to wait, just leave a comment or send an email to mark p hensel at gmail dot com (no spaces).

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