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February 23rd, 2010

Titanic Clash of the Shamen Page 7

Last week I finished the seventh page of Titanic Clash of the Shamen, a collaborative comic that I’m doing with Josh Burggraf.

We were hoping to have the comic finished in time for STAPLE! but it looks like that won’t happen, considering that we would have to do five more pages and the cover in a week. However, we do plan on having it done in time for MoCCA Fest, April 10-11th at the 69th Regiment Armory in NYC, where Josh will have a table.

Page 7 took me a while to plan out. Although I knew what I roughly wanted to happen and who was going to say what early on, I had to do a lot of sketches and try drawing the page with a number of different layouts. Josh has definitely drawn a pretty psyched-out Page 6, and I don’t want Page 7 to come up short.

Here are some of my sketches, in chronological order:

In this first one I was trying to figure out a good panel layout and some good back-and-forth magical attacks between Floyd and Shamanman.

In this second one, I refined my idea of how I wanted Shamanman to attack.

Once I busted out the Faber-Castelli I was really able to get some images flowing. I drew this one and the next a couple days later than the first two, at Sketch Klubb this past Thursday. The good people at Public School were kind enough to host us. Their studio set up is dope and it was good to jam with a bunch of new people.

The final sketch from that nite. At this point I was on the verge of drunkenness and just kind of doodling some ideas floating around in my head, including Shamanman transformed into a yeti and some space invaders that I might put into a future project.

Here’s one panel from the final page:

I ended up using a lot of the ideas that I sketched in my final drawing.

February 9th, 2010

Titanic Clash of the Shamen Page 5

This past week I finished page five of the collaborative comic that I’m doing with Josh Burggraf called Titanic Clash of the Shamen.

Here’s a one-panel preview:

Our comic is, just in case it isn’t obvious from the title, about a battle between our two shaman characters – this is a drawing of Josh’s shaman, Floyd.

October 3rd, 2009

Manga Studio 4 Makes 16-Hour Comic Book Day Possible

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It looks like I’m just going to be almost two days late with both my posts this week. Since 24-hour comic book day started today at 10 am, some of my cartoonist friends and I decided to hole up in my studio at my new place and spend all day drawing comics (we’re calling it 16-hour comic book day – 10 am to 2 am!).

Because I’ve discovered that I can produce comics three to four times faster on the computer than on paper, I downloaded Manga Studio 4 the nite before last and finally got to start messing around with it today. This is my first drawing with the program:

The algorithms that it uses for the various nibs and markers feel really realistic, altho the tapering effect is annoying. I’ll have the final product up sometime after 2 am!

September 3rd, 2009

MELT for No More Worlds at Concertina Gallery

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I’ve been working on my gouache drawings for the show No More Worlds at Concertina Gallery almost every day of the last two weeks. I’ve finished the gouache parts of five of the six drawings (I still have to ink them), but I’ve been having some trouble getting the final page sketched out, so I’m taking a couple days off to doodle out a solution. Sketching out the first page took me several days too.

Once the six drawings are done, they’ll show a simple narrative of a structure melting into a huge lake of some sort of colorful, liquid plastic substance. Here’s part of my (uninked) drawing of the structure:

Here you can see part of the building as it melts:

It’s important, for me to achieve my desired effect, for the structure to go through one or two phase changes as it melts. What I mean by phase change is, as the buildings begin to melt, I draw the same structure, with the same color pattern, it’s just squashed and drawn with increasingly wavy lines. But, at some point, the melting takes on a different color pattern and I don’t redraw the same structure, but modified; instead, I draw a new structure. That’s a phase change. Here’s an example of that happening:

In this image, you can see the unmelted structure in the lower left and the lower right. In the middle and in the upper right, you can see that same structure, with the same color pattern, but drawn with extremely wavy lines. This is the beginning of the melt. But then, along the top and especially in the upper left quadrant of the drawing, you can see the phase change, where the structure has been replaced by the repeating, drippy polygon patten. For the final drawing, I’m trying to come up with a second phase change, which is why it is giving me trouble. I’ll post some pieces of the final drawings once I’ve got them documented.

June 19th, 2009

You Must Submit

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Future planzzz (taking precedence over previously published list):

Submit something to TAFFY HIPS #3.5 – U SHLD 2
Draw more SHAMANMAN strips and submit them for future issues of SMOKE SIGNAL – U SHLD 2

June 16th, 2009

Stud Nite

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I just got back from my weekly studio nite. I finished a storyboard for the motion comic that I’m gonna make with Will Sellari (tentatively titled Hyperbox #3.7) and I did some sketches.

Stud Nite

I was really struggling to come up with some ideas for my Taffy Hips submission. Maybe the freedom of digital printing (no size limits, full color) is too much for my feeble imagination?

Stud Nite

I dig the sense of a world that I managed to create in the drawing at the top of this page, maybe it’d be good for a videogame? Otherwise I’m just filling the page. Giants. Yawn. Tarp things and crystals. Yawn.

June 12th, 2009

MoCCA Part One: Inzpiration

This was only my second trip to MoCCA Fest, but each time my head has come back overflowing with planzzz. Here are the BIG STUD PLANS I came up with on the plane ride home:

Turn hypercastle.com into a merged superblog
Put together HYPERBOX motion comic images for Will Sellari
Buy screenprinting hinges and more screens
Screenprint the cover for FROGHEAD HANGOVER
Screenprint t-shirts
Draw SLUMLORD 2112 #1

Whew is that it!