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June 27th, 2017

Preorder a Collection of Poetry Comics about Climate Change

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Hi y’all, I’m involved in another Kickstarter this year!

I have a four page comic in Warmer: A collection of comics about climate change for the fearful & hopeful, edited by Andrew White and Madeleine Witt. They’re raising funds to print the book via this Kickstarter campaign and they have one week and less than $1,000 to go to reach their goal.

Here’s a preview of my comic for the anthology:

Preview from the first page of my comic for the Warmer climate change poetry comics anthology

Any contributions or social media shares are much appreciated!

May 10th, 2017

The Retrofit Kickstarter Surpassed its Goal!

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I was very pleased to see that the Retrofit Comics Spring 2017 Kickstarter surpassed its pledge goal last night with about two days left on the clock! Thanks so much to everyone who pledged or got the word out on social media, I really appreciate your support!!

You still have about 34 hours left to back the project and get all the books at a discount – the $45 print and digital comics bundle is about $30 cheaper than getting the books individually. The campaign ends at 10:59pm CDT on Thursday May 11th.

I’ve got two more previews for y’all. Here’s the table of contents (sans background):

Tales from the Hyperverse

Here’s a crop from one of the pages colored by the incomparable Josh Burggraf:

Dim Red Sun crop

May 4th, 2017

One Week Left to Order my New Comic via Kickstarter

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There’s one week left in the Retrofit Comics Spring 2017 Kickstarter!

I’ve been posting previews every day on my new public Instagram, @williamcardini. Here’s a crop from the colored version of my comic “Ghost Arrow,” which will be one of the short comics collected in Tales from the Hyperverse, one of the six books in the latest Retrofit Kickstarter.

Ghost Arrow crop

You can order just Tales from the Hyperverse for $8, all six books at a discount for $45, or all six books and an original black-and-white 9×12″ ink drawing on watercolor paper from me for $150. I’ll draw you the Miizzzard, the Floating Crystal Witch, or whatever you want. I did this for the Sparkplug Books Fall 2014 Kickstarter, here’s what I drew for people then so you can see some examples of my work:

William Cardini ink drawing
A drawing of the Miizzzard.

William Cardini ink drawing
A drawing when I was told to do whatever I wanted.

William Cardini ink drawing
A portrait drawn from looking at a photograph.

William Cardini ink drawing
A drawing of the Miizzzard vs Kid Space Heater for Josh, the creator of KSH.

April 24th, 2017

Retrofit Comics Spring 2017 Kickstarter

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I’m super excited to tell y’all that a collection of my old and new short comics, Tales from the Hyperverse, is available to preorder through the Retrofit Comics Spring 2017 Kickstarter!

You can hear me talk about my comic and see previews of the other five great books in the video:

I’ve been working on this series of comics since 2009 when I drew “The Floating Crystal Witch ATTACKS the Miizzzard of the Year 2978.” Since then I’ve drawn comics in a similar size and format off and on. You can see some of the comics on the “Tales of the Hyperverse” page on my site.

The Retrofit published collection will be 40 pages and include 16 pages of comics that I haven’t posted anywhere. I’ve also asked my friend and frequent collaborator Josh Burggraf to add his painterly colors to five of the pages and I’ll color the other ones that were originally black and white. I’ll post more details throughout the Kickstarter campaign which ends on the night of May 11th.

September 26th, 2014

Final Week of the Sparkplug Kickstarter

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We’re entering the final week of the Sparkplug Books Kickstarter for Vortex and Reich #12. Thanks so much for all the generosity in links and pledges that y’all have shared with us so far, I really appreciate it!

As you probably know, we only get your pledges when we meet or surpass our goal of $6,450 by 11:29am CDT on Friday, October 3rd. Your support will get us there!

We’ve added some new rewards during our campaign that may intrigue y’all:

  • For $7 you can get a digital download of the complete Vortex
  • Vortex digital download

  • For $35 you can get a 3d Hypercastle print shipped with your Vortex book, postcards, and the Barrio Mothers comic anthology.
  • 3d Hypercastle
    One 13×16″ CMYK digital print on semi-gloss photo paper with white border. Colors will be slightly different because of the printing process. Ships rolled in a tube with a pair of 3d anaglyph red and blue glasses.

  • For $47, US retailers can get 5 copies of Vortex and 5 copies of Reich #12 at wholesale price

And you can still get the complete print Vortex for just $20 or an original, custom acrylic painting by me for $250.

Your help will make these books a reality – if you’d like to see a print Vortex collection or the end of Reich, please consider buying a reward or sharing our project on social media.

September 4th, 2014

Preorder a Vortex Collection

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Yesterday Sparkplug Books launched a Kickstarter campaign for their fall books: Reich #12 and Vortex.

I’m super stoked about this! Vortex will collect all four mini comics in a definitive edition with a cover by my partner Glade Hensel:

Vortex cover preview by Glade Hensel
More preview images on my Tumblr. I’ll continue to post previews here and there throughout the campaign.

I started Vortex, my first graphic novel, on June 4th, 2011 and I’m looking forward to holding a copy in my pixel-stained hands. This summer I’ve poured over every page, fixing mistakes, editing some text, messing with the patterns, and redrawing pages. I’m really proud of the final book and, if you like psychedelic sf, I think you’ll dig it! Please support this campaign with a share or a preorder. I’d really appreciate it!

July 31st, 2012

Do I Self-Fund, Crowd-Fund, or Submit to a Publisher?

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This past Friday my particular corner of the comix internet blew up over this Comics Journal post where Dan Nadel heavily criticizes Kickstarter in general and the Secret Prison #7 Kickstarter in particular. I’ve been riveted to the ensuing shitstorm in comments threads, blog posts, and my Twitter feed. I feel compelled to post my thoughts here.

Click here to read the rest.

January 10th, 2012

The City Troll Kickstarter

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My buddy Aaron Whitaker, who posts comics with his girlfriend Melinda Tracy Boyce on the Gingham Ghost tumblr, is using Kickstarter to raise money to print his first graphic novel, The City Troll.

Check out the dope cover:

Cover for The City Troll by Aaron Whitaker

The City Troll is about a guy named Paul who dislikes himself so much, he sees himself as a slimy troll. Over the 180 pages of the book he navigates his inner world of self pity and the outer world of relationships and family. Aaron let me peek at some of the sketchbooks he’s been drawing The City Troll in and I’m really looking forward to reading the whole thing. But don’t take my word for it, watch Aaron’s Kickstarter video and see if that piques your interest:

If you want to see a sample of Aaron’s cartooning chops, check out this pizza mutants one-page comic I dug up from deep in the Gingham Ghost archive:

Aaron Whitaker comic

Aaron’s almost 70% of the way there, help him get that remaining 30% by Tuesday, February 7th!

October 26th, 2011

RUB THE BLOOD Kickstarter

A lot of cartoonists, whether they end up drawing daily autobio strips or Fusion comics, read superhero comics when they’re kids. The last couple generations of alternative cartoonists grew up reading Jack Kirby or maybe Watchmen. My peers and I grew up with the Image revolution.

X-Force #9 Cover by Rob Liefeld
X-Force #9.

To honor this influence, Pat Aulisio and Ian Harker have put together a 90’s Image comics tribute anthology called RUB THE BLOOD. I’ve got a two-page story in there called “Lightbeam vs Bludwurld the Living Battle Planet” (I bought the above issue of X-Force as research for my story) alongside comics and art by Pat, Ian, Josh Bayer, Kramer’s Ergot contributor Victor Cayro, Catch Up contributor PB Kain, Keenan Marshall Keller, Peter Lazarski, Benjamin Marra, Jim Rugg, Thomas Toye, and Mickey Z (P.S. Did y’all know that Benjamin Marra and Keenan Marshall Keller were in a show alongside Nathan Fox and Zach Soto at Domy Books in Houston? Check out the flickr for the show, called HARDBODIES). You can see samples of artwork (including mine) in this dope, NSFW promo video that Pat and Ian made for the RUB THE BLOOD Kickstarter:

The second part of this video recreates shot-for-shot this Liefeld Levi’s ad from the 90’s.

The Kickstarter campaign is to get RUB THE BLOOD printed up for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest. It’s already fully funded but if you want to order a signed or unsigned copy, or get some original art or comics from me, Pat, or PB Kain, the page is here.

Here’s additional artwork by Pat Aulisio:

Pat Aulisio RUB THE BLOOD artwork

And Victor Cayro:

Victor Cayro RUB THE BLOOD artwork

June 3rd, 2011

Three Kewl Local Kickstarter Projects

Hey guys, I just donated to some kewl local(ish) Kickstarter projects that friends of mine who do good work are involved in and I thought I’d let you know about them:

Click here to read more about these three kewl local Kickstarter projects

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