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May 10th, 2017

The Retrofit Kickstarter Surpassed its Goal!

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I was very pleased to see that the Retrofit Comics Spring 2017 Kickstarter surpassed its pledge goal last night with about two days left on the clock! Thanks so much to everyone who pledged or got the word out on social media, I really appreciate your support!!

You still have about 34 hours left to back the project and get all the books at a discount – the $45 print and digital comics bundle is about $30 cheaper than getting the books individually. The campaign ends at 10:59pm CDT on Thursday May 11th.

I’ve got two more previews for y’all. Here’s the table of contents (sans background):

Tales from the Hyperverse

Here’s a crop from one of the pages colored by the incomparable Josh Burggraf:

Dim Red Sun crop

May 21st, 2013

Future Shock #4 on Sale; “Hawk” from Future Shock #1

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Future Shock #4, edited by Josh Burggraf, is now on sale here through the Birdcage Bottom Books distro.

Future Shock 4 cover by Jordan Speer
Future Shock #4 cover by Jordan Speer.

Here’s one of the three pages that I did in collaboration with Sean T Collins for this issue:

A Page from William Cardini and Sean T Collins comic The True Black
A page from “The True Black,” written by Sean, drawn by me.

Now that #4 is out and #1 is almost out of print, I thought I’d share my comic “Hawk” that I drew for #1:

Hawk by William Cardini Page 1

Hawk by William Cardini Page 2

For “Hawk” I was experimenting with the pencil-style I used for the comic I drew in Frank Santoro’s correspondence comics course, “Moon Queen.” The story itself was, perhaps too obviously, inspired by M John Harrison’s horrific but beautifully written book Light, which I highly recommend.

May 10th, 2013

The Gold County Paper Mill at TCAF

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I’ll be exhibiting at TCAF this weekend. I’ll have Vortex #1-3 and a new, 16-page, quarter-legal-sized mini I did called Tranz #2.

I put out Tranz #1 back at the beginning of 2009.

My table is #248 on the second floor. I posted earlier that Josh Burggraf would be tabling with me but he can’t make it.

I also have a three-page comic in the new Hic and Hoc anthology Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends, edited by Emi Gennis. Hic and Hoc is at Table #102.

The cover of the anthology with one of my pages.

Anyway if you’re going to be at TCAF, I hope to see you there!

December 21st, 2012

A Josh Burggraf Christmas

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My buddy Josh Burggraf surprised me by adding colors to my 2010 comic called “Miizzzard in ATTACK”:

Miizzzard in ATTACK colored by Josh Burggraf

Josh has another gift for the Internet, a fun five-page full-colored comic called “Space Date”.

I hope that y’all all have happy and chill holidaze. This blog will be back in 2013.

November 14th, 2012

BCGF 2012 Recap

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Thanks to everyone who came by the GCPM table and traded for or bought an issue of Vortex.

Me and Josh Burggraf. I look like a madman.

BCGF was amazing (and hot and crowded and intense).

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest
I keep showing people this picture from the BCGF tumblr to give them an idea of how crowded BCGF was. You can see me staring directly into your soul through the camera.

It was my first time tabling at an east coast comics festival so I got to meet a lot of people IRL that I’ve only known online, which was fantastic. I’m really feeling the comics love right now. It’ll be a while before I can travel to another con so it’s good that BCGF was so great.

William Cardini Silver Surfer and Josh Burggraf Batman fan art
One really awesome moment was when this dude Barney came up to me and Josh and asked us to draw some sketches of superheroes for him. Barney’s a big fan of Rub the Blood, if you look at his Twitter he asked other people to do fan art.

You can see Josh’s perspective of our weekend on our GCPM tumblr. I’ll put Vortex #3 in my store soon.

November 9th, 2012

GCPM will Debut Vortex #3, Future Shock #2, and Future Shock #3 this Weekend at BCGF

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This Saturday, November 10th, Josh Burggraf and I will be tabling at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, representing the Gold County Paper Mill. We’ll be at Table U32:

The GCPM's table assignment at BCGF
BCGF is from 12-7pm at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, 275 North 8th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I’m debuting Vortex #3:

Vortex #3 cover
Vortex #3 continues the adventures of the Miizzzard on the planet of the shape-shifting aliens who call themselves the Vortex.

Vortex #3 center spread
In Vortex #2, the Miizzz entered the communal dreamscape of the ultra-violent Vortex to try and free their minds from outside control. Now the Miizzz must battle through layer after layer of berserk nightmares.

Josh is doing a simultaneous release of #2 and #3 of the SF anthology that he edits, Future Shock:

Future Shock #2 and #3
Future Shock #2 contributor list: Max Bode, Danica Dora, Josh Bayer, Pat Aulisio, Ryan Dirks, Steve Fuentes, Victor Kerlow, and Josh. Future Shock #3 contributor list: Alex Degen, Sungyoon Choi, Det Roc Boi, Vincent Giard, Anuj Shrestha, Victor, Josh, and me.

Here’s a shot of two pages from my six-page contribution to FS#3:

William Cardini pages in Future Shock #3
My story is called “The Miizzzard of the Year One Million ATTACKS the Floating Crystal Witch.”

We’ll also have Vortex #1, Vortex #2, Kid Space Heater #1, Kid Space Heater #2, Future Shock #1, and Digestate (we both have stories in Digestate and we’re distributed by its publisher, Birdcage Bottom Books). Follow our tumblr for more preview images and updates.

October 2nd, 2012

“The Miizzzard of the Year One Million ATTACKS the Moon Base of the Floating Crystal Witch” Preview Page

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I finally finished the six-page full-color comic that I’ve been working on and blogging about for the past few weeks. It’s going to be in the third issue of Future Shock, a sf anthology edited by Josh Burggraf.

Here’s the first page as a preview:

The Miizzzard of the Year One Million ATTACKS the Moon Base of the Floating Crystal Witch Page 1

I’m pretty proud of this one, I put a lot of work into it. By the way, if you’ve wanted to buy the first issue of Future Shock or other comics put out by Josh that I’ve mentioned, they’re now available through the Birdcage Bottom Books distro.

September 18th, 2012

“The Miizzzard of the Year One Million ATTACKS the Moon Base of the Floating Crystal Witch” Process Shots

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I’m focused on finishing a six-page full-color comic for the second issue of the Josh Burggraf-edited sf anthology Future Shock.

Here are some process shots in MangaStudio. First I draw color outlines and rough shapes with the pencil tool. Then I draw black containing lines for shapes with the marker and pen nib tools. I give the black lines different transparencies so that I can see where they overlap.

William Cardini process shot

I draw detail lines outside of containing shapes and then erase them later.

William Cardini process shot

The page in this final shot is almost done. After I’m finished with a page in MangaStudio, I transfer it to Photoshop and fill in the black shapes and lines with different colors.

William Cardini process shot

I’m working on a couple different projects. I’m not sure how much in-depth posting I’ll be doing over the next few months.

September 14th, 2012

Digestate Anthology and Kid Space Heater 2 at SPX 2012

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This weekend is the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. I’m not going to be there but JT Yost will be debuting the Digestate anthology there. Here’s the cover:

Cover by Cha.

I’ve got a four-page comic in Digestate called “The Miizzzard ATTACKS the Munchies.” Here’s the first page to whet your appetite:

JT Yost is exhibiting at Table H13 as his small press, Birdcage Bottom Books. He’s put together a handy map here that shows his table and the tables of all Digestate contributors who’ll be at the festival.

Also, from 1:30 to 2:30pm on Sunday Victor Kerlow and Josh Burggraf will be signing at the Birdcage Bottom Books table. Josh will have copies of his newest comic Kid Space Heater #2.

From Josh’s tumblr.

I’ve read a draft of KSH#2 and I can vouch that it takes the greatness of #1 and levels it up.

August 10th, 2012

Avant Geek at the Phoenix Trade Depot

Hey y’all, I’m selling copies of Vortex #1 and Vortex #2 at the Avant Geek art show at the Phoenix Trade Depot here in Austin.

The show opens this Saturday, here are the deetz:

P.S. Thickness #3 (and Sean T Collins and I’s contribution in particular) is mentioned on Episode 4 of the Comic Books are Burning in Hell podcast (audio is NSFW). Jog name drops my old, never completed comics series Hyperbox. You can read some of HB on my Flickrstream.

P.P.S. Did y’all know that I have a personal tumblr where I post drawings and that Josh Burggraf and I run a Gold County Paper Mill tumblr?

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