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January 13th, 2012

Carlos Victor Ochagavia

Filed under: Inspiration — Tags: , , , — William Cardini @ 7:30 am

In honor of the fifth anniversary of Robert Anton Wilson’s death, BoingBoing has been posting about him all week, and in one of the posts, Gareth Branwyn put up a picture of the original paperback editions of RAW’s Illuminatus! trilogy:

Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson, covers by Carlos Victor Ochagavia

I thought the covers were so cool I dug up more images of book covers by the artist, Carlos Victor Ochagavia. Here are his covers for two books by Keith Laumer from Cadwalader Ringgold’s Flickr photostream:

Retief's War by Keith Laumer, cover by Carlos Victor Ochagavia

Retief and the Warlords by Keith Laumer, cover by Carlos Victor Ochagavia

Also, check out this dope poster of monsters from Greek myths by Ochagavia that I found in WesternOutlaw’s Flickr photostream:

Guide to the Monsters of the Greek Myths by Carlos Victor Ochagavia

I find this one especially exciting because I just finished reading all of Jesse Moynihan’s webcomic Forming that involves some Greek myth.