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November 14th, 2012

BCGF 2012 Recap

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Thanks to everyone who came by the GCPM table and traded for or bought an issue of Vortex.

Me and Josh Burggraf. I look like a madman.

BCGF was amazing (and hot and crowded and intense).

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest
I keep showing people this picture from the BCGF tumblr to give them an idea of how crowded BCGF was. You can see me staring directly into your soul through the camera.

It was my first time tabling at an east coast comics festival so I got to meet a lot of people IRL that I’ve only known online, which was fantastic. I’m really feeling the comics love right now. It’ll be a while before I can travel to another con so it’s good that BCGF was so great.

William Cardini Silver Surfer and Josh Burggraf Batman fan art
One really awesome moment was when this dude Barney came up to me and Josh and asked us to draw some sketches of superheroes for him. Barney’s a big fan of Rub the Blood, if you look at his Twitter he asked other people to do fan art.

You can see Josh’s perspective of our weekend on our GCPM tumblr. I’ll put Vortex #3 in my store soon.

November 9th, 2012

GCPM will Debut Vortex #3, Future Shock #2, and Future Shock #3 this Weekend at BCGF

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This Saturday, November 10th, Josh Burggraf and I will be tabling at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, representing the Gold County Paper Mill. We’ll be at Table U32:

The GCPM's table assignment at BCGF
BCGF is from 12-7pm at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, 275 North 8th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I’m debuting Vortex #3:

Vortex #3 cover
Vortex #3 continues the adventures of the Miizzzard on the planet of the shape-shifting aliens who call themselves the Vortex.

Vortex #3 center spread
In Vortex #2, the Miizzz entered the communal dreamscape of the ultra-violent Vortex to try and free their minds from outside control. Now the Miizzz must battle through layer after layer of berserk nightmares.

Josh is doing a simultaneous release of #2 and #3 of the SF anthology that he edits, Future Shock:

Future Shock #2 and #3
Future Shock #2 contributor list: Max Bode, Danica Dora, Josh Bayer, Pat Aulisio, Ryan Dirks, Steve Fuentes, Victor Kerlow, and Josh. Future Shock #3 contributor list: Alex Degen, Sungyoon Choi, Det Roc Boi, Vincent Giard, Anuj Shrestha, Victor, Josh, and me.

Here’s a shot of two pages from my six-page contribution to FS#3:

William Cardini pages in Future Shock #3
My story is called “The Miizzzard of the Year One Million ATTACKS the Floating Crystal Witch.”

We’ll also have Vortex #1, Vortex #2, Kid Space Heater #1, Kid Space Heater #2, Future Shock #1, and Digestate (we both have stories in Digestate and we’re distributed by its publisher, Birdcage Bottom Books). Follow our tumblr for more preview images and updates.

December 2nd, 2011

RUB THE BLOOD Debuts this Saturday at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest

This Saturday, December 3rd, from noon to 9pm at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church is the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics fest. Pat Aulisio and Ian Harker will be there with Rub the Blood, an art comics tribute to the Image revolution with two pages by me alongside a whole host of excellent artists (full list and longer explanation here, Robot6 article here, interview with Pat and Ian here, Rob Liefeld endorsement here). Here’s the obligatory comic Facebook shot of Pat holding up Rub the Blood:

Rub the Blood cover by Victor Cayro
The front and back covers are by Victor Cayro.

I won’t be at BCGF but tons of other RUB THE BLOOD cartoonists will be.

Also, if you’re in the area, tonite Pat and Josh Bayer are signing their Retrofit books, BOWMAN and Raw Power, at Jim Hanley’s in Manhattan:

Retrofit Signing Flyer by Pat Aulisio
Flyer by Pat.

Retrofit head honcho Box Brown will be in attendance. Pat and Josh will be debuting their collab book The Unforgiving Blade of Conon, check out the sick cover:

Cover to The Unforgiving Blade of Conon by Pat Aulisio and Josh Bayer

There’ll also be copies of Secret Prison #5 which I drew the back cover for.

December 8th, 2010

Math Fiction Sells Out at BCGF

This past Saturday, Math Fiction, the 3D comic I did with Pat Aulisio, Ian Harker, and fellow GCPM member Josh Burggraf, sold out at the Yeah Dude Comics table at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. Thanks to everyone who came by to get a copy!

Here’s a gif that Josh Burrgraf made showing it off:

Math Fiction GIF

I’ll post when I have some copies.

December 2nd, 2010

Math Fiction Debuts this Weekend at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest

Math Fiction is an 11×17″ comic containing stories by Pat Aulisio, Ian Harker, Josh Burggraf, and me, William Cardini. We’re going to be debuting it this Saturday, Dec 4th, at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest, come get a copy if you’re in the area.

Math Fiction Title Card

The interiors are going to be in red/blue anaglyph 3D. Here’s a preview of a panel before it’s been converted into 3D:

Assault on Yurg Page 2 Black Line Panel Preview

Here’s a page in 3D:

Assault on Yurg Page 2 Red/Blue Anaglyph 3D Panel Preview

The covers are screenprinted in silver and blue ink. Pat’s cover is on the front but we all did a version for each side of the cover sheet. Here’s mine:

William Cardini's Math Fiction Cover

December 4th, 2009

Smoke Signal #3 at the First Annual Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest

Smoke Signal #3, put out by Desert Island‘s Gabriel Fowler, is debuting at the first annual Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival.

The festival, hosted by Desert Island and PictureBox, will be this upcoming Saturday, Dec 5th, from 11am to 7pm at Our Lady of Consolation Church, 184 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If I lived in the tri-state area, I’d definitely be there, the lineup looks amazing and admission is free.

Smoke Signal #3, which is also free, is a newsprint all-comics anthology featuring the work of many amazing cartoonists!

After the festival, this newsprint anthology can be ordered through Desert Island’s online stop for the price of shipping or picked up in store.

EDIT: I thought that the second Shamanman strip would be in the third Smoke Signal, but they changed the specs and I didn’t realize. It has the work of a lot of awesome people though, so y’all should definitely check it out.