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July 31st, 2012

Do I Self-Fund, Crowd-Fund, or Submit to a Publisher?

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This past Friday my particular corner of the comix internet blew up over this Comics Journal post where Dan Nadel heavily criticizes Kickstarter in general and the Secret Prison #7 Kickstarter in particular. I’ve been riveted to the ensuing shitstorm in comments threads, blog posts, and my Twitter feed. I feel compelled to post my thoughts here.

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May 29th, 2012

Catch Up on Sale; Kirby’s Influence on Art Comics

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Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. I’ve gotten lost in drawing comics and I haven’t had time to put anything here but I’ve met most of my deadlines so I’m going to get back to my regular schedule of Tuesday/Friday blog posts. I’ve got two things to tell y’all about today:

Catch Up Winter Issue, cover by Max Bode.

The Catch Up Winter Issue is for sale. Josh Burggraf and I are the comics editors for this issue of the poetry/comics journal. It has comics by Box Brown, Victor Kerlow, Andrei Molotiu, Jo-Jo Sherrow, and others. You can buy it here.

A Jack Kirby drawing of a Celestial from the Eternals comics.

Robert Boyd, local Houston art critic and former Comics Journal staff member, has written a lengthy blog post discussing Kirby’s impact on art comics, in which he compares Vortex to comics by Jesse Jacobs and Jesse Moynihan. I’m honored to be discussed in such good company.

December 2nd, 2011

RUB THE BLOOD Debuts this Saturday at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest

This Saturday, December 3rd, from noon to 9pm at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church is the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics fest. Pat Aulisio and Ian Harker will be there with Rub the Blood, an art comics tribute to the Image revolution with two pages by me alongside a whole host of excellent artists (full list and longer explanation here, Robot6 article here, interview with Pat and Ian here, Rob Liefeld endorsement here). Here’s the obligatory comic Facebook shot of Pat holding up Rub the Blood:

Rub the Blood cover by Victor Cayro
The front and back covers are by Victor Cayro.

I won’t be at BCGF but tons of other RUB THE BLOOD cartoonists will be.

Also, if you’re in the area, tonite Pat and Josh Bayer are signing their Retrofit books, BOWMAN and Raw Power, at Jim Hanley’s in Manhattan:

Retrofit Signing Flyer by Pat Aulisio
Flyer by Pat.

Retrofit head honcho Box Brown will be in attendance. Pat and Josh will be debuting their collab book The Unforgiving Blade of Conon, check out the sick cover:

Cover to The Unforgiving Blade of Conon by Pat Aulisio and Josh Bayer

There’ll also be copies of Secret Prison #5 which I drew the back cover for.