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December 7th, 2012

Paper Party Print Show Opening this Saturday

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This Saturday is the opening for the Paper Party Print Show. I have a print in it alongside some other awesome artists. Here’s the flyer:

Paper Party Print Show flyer
There’ll also be art openings at the other stores in Domy Books Austin.

Here’s an image of my digital print:

Miizzzard digital print

September 11th, 2012

“Nature Club” by Melinda Tracy Boyce at Paper Party

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My wife Glade had the first art opening at her shop-within-a-shop Paper Party this past weekend. The show, called “Nature Club,” is a collection of paintings of cacti, produce, and whales by local cartoonist Melinda Tracy Boyce.

Each piece is a beautiful watercolor with great details. Here are some of my faves:

Cactus Club by Melinda Tracy Boyce
Cactus Club.

Whale Sandwich by Melinda Tracy Boyce
Whale Sandwich.

Crystal Cactus by Melinda Tracy Boyce
Crystal Cactus.

Check out this detail shot of that one (which is the largest at 22.25×30″):

Detail of Crystal Cactus by Melinda Tracy Boyce
Detail of Crystal Cactus.

You can see a full image list with prices and online purchasing buttons here.

August 28th, 2012

Paper Party

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My wife is opening up a shop called Paper Party in Domy Books in Austin. She’s going to sell stationary, art, party supplies, and gifts.

Paper Party screenprinting picture
A photo by Glade from when Glade and Laura were screenprinting Paper Party/Olive tote bags for the preview party.

Paper Party is going in the former Domy gallery space alongside a vintage and handmade clothing and accessory shop called Olive, run by our friend Laura Uhlir. There’s still going to be a gallery but it’s moving to a different area. Paper Party and Olive Vintage set up a sneak peek of their shops this past weekend. They’ll be open every Tuesday through Sunday starting on September 1st.

Paper Party preview
Two photos of the Paper Party sneak peek by Glade.

Watching all of the store items trickle in the staging area in our house has been fun. I think Paper Party is going to be fantastic and I’m so proud of Glade! Running her own boutique has been her dream for years and it’s finally becoming a reality. She’s supporting other craftspeople by selling their stuff on consignment and working to source sustainable and reusable party supplies.

Photos of Glade in her studio by Laura Uhlir
Two photos of Glade in her studio by Laura.

I’m so lucky to be married to be such an awesome lady. You should check out this profile of Glade that Laura posted on her Rad Lady blog. Laura took a bunch of beautiful photos of our house.

April 13th, 2012

Announcing a Double Comic Release Party!

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Yo y’all, Melinda Tracy Boyce of Gingham Ghost and I are teaming up to do a double comic release party at Domy Books in Austin from 7 to 9pm on Wednesday, April 25th. Here’s the mash-up flyer:

Vortex #2 and The Melinderly Release Party Flyer

Melinda is releasing the first issue of her quarterly full-color collection of short autobiographical and fiction comics, The Melinderly, while I’m dropping the next issue of Vortex! Here’s the full press release and here’s the Facebook event.

March 21st, 2012

VGKids at Flatstock 33

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This past week was South by Southwest in Austin. One thing that Glade (I remade her website for her birthday, check it out) and I always like to do is go to Flatstock.

VGKids Flatstock 33 poster
VGKids poster for Flatstock 33.

Flatstock is a convention of concert poster artists put on in various cities by the American Poster Institute. There are always tons of dope screenprints there. We always seek out the art prints and buy a few of those. My favorite this year were a group of screenprinters from Ypsilanti, Michigan called VGKids.

VGKids poster and stickers
Another VGKids poster and stickers. I’m not sure who did this artwork – maybe it’s collaborative?

They also do prints for other people. Check out this two-color Tom Neely print they did:

Tom Neely two-color Moby Dick print by VGKids

January 3rd, 2012

News from the Holidaze: Austin Scene Report, VORTEX News, Site Update

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Hey y’all, welcome back from the holidaze! A few things happened while I was getting too merry that deserve their own blog posts but I’m just going to sum them all up here:

Austin Scene Report

I wrote up a report on Austin’s comics scene for Frank Santoro’s column on the Comics Journal site.

Monster Show 6 opening
The opening of Monster Show 6 at Domy Austin from the Monster Show 6 Flickr stream, photo by Carling Hale.

Apologizes to anyone that I didn’t include. Please don’t take it personally, I was trying to be concise, comprehensive, and art comics centric.


Whitey reviewed VORTEX on Optical Sloth on December 24th. He proclaims the battle to be “suitably majestic” and accurately leaves the gender ambiguous.

VORTEX #1 cover
I snagged this from Whitey’s site because his scanner caught the weird primary color gradient that emerged from the printing process.

Also, orders made through my online store will now be shipped much more quickly. Thanks to everyone who ordered over the last two weeks, your orders will be shipping soon.

Site Update

Over the break I fiddled around with my site.

Hypercastle site

I updated the header so that the banner randomly changes every time you load a page, changed the splash image to a randomly selected one-page comic, streamlined the content, and drew a new favicon. Please let me know if anything breaks on you.

December 6th, 2011

VORTEX #1 on Sale at Domy Austin and Online in my New Store

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This past weekend I dropped VORTEX #1 off at Domy Books in Austin. You can get it there for $5. I don’t have a shot of it on their shelves but here’s a scan of the cover:

VORTEX #1 Cover
I scanned the cover because the printshop used a color Xerox for the cover and there’s this really interesting and unintentional rainbow gradient. But it didn’t translate in the scan.

I also added an online store to this site where you can purchase VORTEX #1 if you don’t live in Austin. Here’s a description of the issue that I wrote up for the store:

32 black-and-white Xerox interior pages, white cardstock cover with full bleed black-and-white Xerox image, 7×10″
VORTEX #1 chronicles an epic battle of swordblows and slime between my recurring character the Miizzzard and a new alien with unknown powers.
The story begins when the Miizzz discovers a hidden energy source on an uncharted planet. Although this minicomic is the beginning of a longer story, it also stands alone.

It’s $6 for US orders, $7.5 for Canada orders, and $10 to ship to anywhere else. Check that out here (currently VORTEX #1 is the only item for sale in the shop but I plan to add more soon).

November 18th, 2011

Final E.A.S.T. 2011 Weekend at the Hensel Hypercastle

Hey y’all, this upcoming weekend is your last chance to come by the Hensel Hypercastle during E.A.S.T. 2011 to see Glade and I’s art. Just like last weekend, we’ll be open from 11am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday. We’re Stop #121 on the tour, 1807 East 22nd Street.

Here are some shots from last weekend:

Hensel Hypercastle entrance
Here’s the front door. We’ve got Glade’s Welcome to the Hypercastle print on the door, a new artwork by her above the TV, our Christmas tree (out a bit early, we know), and a spinner rack of Glademade cards.

Hensel Hypercastle comic table
Our coffee table is chockful of comics. Most of them are for reading but a few are for sale. I’ve got comics I’ve drawn (such as my latest, VORTEX), comics by fellow GCPM members (such as Kid Space Heater by Josh Burggraf and Lords ov thee Black Sun by Mike Miles), two issues of the GCP’s poetry/comics anthology Catch Up, and various issues of anthologies that I’ve been in (Math Fiction, Candy or Medicine, Smoke Signal, Taffy Hips, and Secret Prison). Come by, chill out on our couch, and feel free to flip through everything.

Hensel Hypercastle prints
We’ve got almost all of the prints from our Hypercastle print show at Austin Books and Comics and every print we had for sale last year.

Mark P Hensel studio
I switched out the artwork on my walls in my studio.

L Glade Hensel studio
Glade has some birthday banners on the walls of her studio.

I hope to see some of y’all this weekend!

October 18th, 2011

James Jarvis: Pure, Unfettered Cartooning; including Steadman, Alechinsky, and my Monster Show Ink Drawz

The James Jarvis drawings that Dan Nadel posted this past week on the Picturebox blog are a revelation.

James Jarvis homage of Goya
An homage to Goya’s “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monster” from Day 1 of the James Jarvis posts.

James Jarvis colored drawing
A colored page from Day 4 of the James Jarvis posts. These posts on the Picturebox blog are promotion for a full-color book that Jarvis has out, De Profundis.

Pure, unfettered cartooning. The impulsive, inky scratching of them reminds me of Ralph Steadman …

Ralph Steadman “The Dream of Reason Produces Monsters”
This is Steadman’s homage to that same Goya etching. I posted it so large because I stitched it together from two scans I did of Gonzo: The Art, a Steadman art book.

… mixed with a little bit of Maurice Sendak and of course, Pierre Alechinsky.

Alechinsky, “Alvéoles”
Alechinsky, “Alvéoles.”

Alechinsky, “Volcan ensorcelé”
Alechinsky, “Volcan ensorcelé.” Both of these paintings are from the website of the Alechinsky retrospective at the Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique. Check out this Alechinsky post by Derik A Badman or my previous Alechinsky post for more examples of his comic-like work.

Steadman was one of my biggest early influences and I love Alechinsky so Jarvis’s work really speaks to me. I’ve been experimenting with modifying my wanna-be Moebius-and-Brinkman hybrid style to something more spontaneous and cartoony. I like working in MangaStudio but sometimes I just want to get away from glowing computer screens and put nib to paper.

Here are two examples of me doing just that, in these drawings that I did for Monster Show 6 at Domy Books in Austin:

Cardini Quirky Miniboss Squad
I was thinking about the TV Tropes entry on the Quirky Miniboss Squad when I drew this (warning: TV Tropes is a link-infested time suck).

Cardini Fuck You Monster
This drawing is dedicated to my buddy Grant Davis.

Disclaimer: these drawings may or may not be in the Monster Show 6. I’m going to have something in there but I don’t know what yet. Come to the opening from 7-9pm on October 29th (costume encouraged) to see tons of monster drawings by all sorts of amazing artists. If you’re in Houston, there’s also a Monster Show there.

October 4th, 2011

24-Hour Comics Day 2011 Austin Recap

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This past weekend was 24-Hour Comics Day. I spent several hours at an Austin event organized by Zach Taylor.

A sample page from Zach’s current webcomic, Bear Quest. I love how he does pixel art versions of each page.

I wasn’t there to work on a 24-hour comic – I just worked on a book-length comic, VORTEX, that I’m now about 3/8ths of the way through.

I’m not going to show y’all any more of VORTEX until the whole thing is finished.

The 24-Hour Comics Day event was fun (and productive – I finished [almost] four pages in the [little over] four hours I was there). I got to meet Jason Poland, who makes the webcomic Robbie and Bobby, IRL after many online convos.

This is a few panels from a Robbie and Bobby comic called “Wings”. Jason does all sorts of awesomely weird stuff like this in his strip, which he puts out several times a week.

I also met Austin Bedell

This is a comic from Austin’s side project Vidyagame Library, where he draws comic inspired by NES videogames.

Chris Sweet

This is a comic from Chris’s webcomic Effing Decaf. He also did this great mashup comic with Zach called “16-Bit Breakfast”.

… and many other awesome local comic folks. I’ll probably continue to work on my own projects during 24HCD2012 but it’s great to get to hang out with a bunch of local cartoonists.

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