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December 21st, 2017

My Commitment to this Blog

Filed under: Admin — William Cardini @ 8:58 am

I’ve been blogging at one incarnation of this site or another for over ten years (here’s my first post from May 7th, 2007, which was originally posted on a hypercastle blogspot but has since been migrated to this URL). I love having my own server space and my own site that I control. Even though massive, corporate-controlled social media sites like Facebook and Twitter make personal blogs like this less popular and less relevant, I’m going to stubbornly keep infrequently posting here.

I’ve neglected this blog. I lost my archives page with a link to all my tags and categories in a template update. I deleted a big category that stranded hundreds of posts in an uncategorized limbo. I struggle to find time to post here in between my day job, dad life, chilling with Glade, and studio time. But now I’ve added a new menu in the top right to try and make it easier to find content here and I’m slowly going through all my old posts and updating their categories and tags.

In some ways, this blog is my biggest, longest sustained artistic practice. I hope that y’all enjoy it.

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