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June 16th, 2009

MoCCA Part Two: Cartooning, FS, and GP

At MoCCA Fest 2009 I started thinking about cartooning as a craft distinct from comics that I don’t practice that much. I’ve only developed a couple of ways of drawing cartoon faces that I slightly modify and draw over and over again. Scratch that, actually I just have one:

Mark’s face.

It’s pretty simple, really. Rudimentary, actually: one straight line, one Z, and then some wiggly lines for hair, beard, and so on.

I think that it was flipping through the Sam’s Strip book and looking at all of Jerry Dumas’ really elegant cartoons, but for whatever reason, I came to the conclusion that, perhaps, one straight line, one Z, and at least nine wiggly lines just wasn’t a true expression of cartooning expertise.

So, I began drawing cartoons of Frank Santoro and Gary Panter while I was waiting for their panel at MoCCA to start (for a great overview of that panel, be sure to check out this squally showers post).

Here are my two favorite likenesses:

(Paraphrased quotation from Gary Panter added later, after the panel had started. Another awesome thing that he said: “The future will be like terminator except the robots will look slick like tennis shoes.”

via hypebeast.)

Anyways I think that I’m gonna spend some time developing my cartooning chops. Looking at Sam’s Strip also got me thinking about doing a weekly comic harking back to the pure idea behind the daily newspaper strip:

Six panels where the same thing happens over and over again in different ways. I’ve always wanted to do a strip like this but I’ve always been stalled by what is, for me, the core of it all: the repeated action.

I tried it out with my Daily Texan strip, “Fists.” The idea was that someone would get hit by a gloved fist on a stick every comic, an idea that owes its existence to Ignatz’s brick.

Of course, nothing about that comic ended up being standardized except for its iconography, which I still like and want to bring back some day:

Like the materials-based sculptures and performances that I used to do, this iconography is something that I came up with back before I got so heavily influenced by Fort Thunder. So many ideas, so little time. We’ll see how much of this comes to fruition, I’ve got a looooong to-do list.

June 12th, 2009

MoCCA Part One: Inzpiration

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This was only my second trip to MoCCA Fest, but each time my head has come back overflowing with planzzz. Here are the BIG STUD PLANS I came up with on the plane ride home:

Turn hypercastle.com into a merged superblog
Put together HYPERBOX motion comic images for Will Sellari
Buy screenprinting hinges and more screens
Screenprint the cover for FROGHEAD HANGOVER
Screenprint t-shirts
Draw SLUMLORD 2112 #1

Whew is that it!

May 29th, 2009

More Cartoon Utopia Drawings

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Ron Rege Jr posted some new drawings in his cartoon utopia series yesterday! It’s a really fantastic project, here’s a bit from his explanation of the ideas behind the project:

“At the beginning of 2008 – I started to create a series of numbered 4×6 inch drawings as an exercise – to start to flesh out ideas for a kind of ‘science fiction universe’ that I’ve been slowly imagining over the last few years – the idea of a ‘Cartoon Utopia…'”

I love the idea and I love the drawings, Ron Reje Jr has always been a force for good in this universe, everyone should buy the Cartoon Utopia mini he just put out!

Sam Gaskin @ Sunday Comics

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The always hilarious Sam Gaskin has a bed-time comic over at the Sundays comics blog, go check it!

Fav line:

“I’m a pajama jamma!”

May 24th, 2009


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I’ve submitted a half-pager to the all-comics newspaper SMOKE SIGNAL that the comic store Desert Island in Brooklyn is gonna put out. Here’s a panel from my strip, called SHAMANMAN:


If you want to see the rest, help make SMOKE SIGNAL a reality by coming out to the fundraiser, tomorrow (Memorial Day) at Union Pool! There’ll be a concert featuring

Uninhabitable Mansions
Boogie Boarder

Doors open at 7, it costs $8 to get in – all proceeds go towards printing costs!!!

Union Pool is located at 484 Union Ave in Brooklyn, NY (718) 609-0484, right near the Lorimer L + Metropolitan G train stops.

May 17th, 2009

Mawwwr TRANZ

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Although I drew these pages for a show to benefit an art space, they’re a continuation of the ideas I was dealing with in TRANZ:




This next (and last) one is my favorite.


I’ve started working on a new twelve-page comic that incorporates the MULTIPLY idea into a longer narrative, I’m super stoked about it! I plan to have it ready for when I come to MoCCA Fest 09 so if you’re coming/tabling be prepared to trade me a zine for it!

May 8th, 2009

Weird NASA Video

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Who made this weird music video for NASA?

Thnx Grant!

May 5th, 2009

Patrick Smith

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I have yet to download his new game Windosill, but just from his blog and website I can see that the Dan-Nadel-recommended artist Patrick Smith is a man after my own brain.

Comics, drawings, paintings, animations, and video games – what more could my nerdy heart ask for? Unfortunately his site seems to be down or I’d post some images, but at least check out the Ganzfeld splash page for a nice example of one of his interactions. Ganzfeld #1 contains one of his comics but it’s sold out (probably has been for a while). From his site it doesn’t seem like he produces many comics, although I’m sure that making an independent game is an extremely time-consuming process.

April 21st, 2009

Myriahedral Map Projections

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Apologies for the two weeks absence folks! Unfortunately, work got in the way, but I’ll do my best not to let that happen again. I’ve got a video from next nature to show y’all:

What interests me here is less the ideology behind this project (constructing a map of that doesn’t privilege certain areas) and more the algorithms for translating a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional plane without losing any data.

April 18th, 2009

STAPLE! 2009

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Belated post of some picx from STAPLE! 2009…

Here’s me and my lady, she sold her wonderful glademade products alongside those of the GCPM.

STAPLE! 2009

Here’s summa the stuffz we had for sale.

STAPLE! 2009

Here’s me and the boyz (left to right: Dr. Chuch, XyphaP, &myself).

STAPLE! 2009

STAPLE! was a real good time, we moved plenty of product and wayyy more ppl showed up than last year, so thanks Austin and Uncle Staple for making it such a success! Look for the GCP and glademade at Zine Fest Houston, coming up May 16th!

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