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April 10th, 2013

Monster Face Interaction

Filed under: Interactions — Tags: — William Cardini @ 10:51 pm

I made this Flash interaction sketch tonight:

Roll your mouse over to interact.

Generative art and video games get me as excited as comics. (I’m a chameleon – ten years ago, I would’ve said that performance and conceptual art get me as excited as comics.) In particular, I’ve admired Patrick Smith’s interactive Flash pieces Vectorpark and Windosill. This isn’t my first foray into this territory. I’ve been messing around with Flash and ActionScript 3 for several years now. (I’ve also dipped my toe, ultimately unproductively, into Processing.) However, I recently changed over to a full-time Flash developer / ActionScript 3 programming position at my day job. So I’ve been studying it. Studying something always gives me tons of ideas for related art works, so here’s this.

I actually originally drew everything in MangaStudio, colored it in Photoshop, imported it into Flash, and did a bitmap trace. I’ve always wanted to try that – I think it’s a good approximation of my house style. I’ve got some ideas for bigger projects but we’ll see if I ever get to them. Finishing Vortex has got to be my priority!