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October 2nd, 2014

The Hiizzztory of the Miizzzard Part 9: Summation

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1 day left in the Sparkplug Books Kickstarter campaign to publish my graphic novel Vortex and Elijah Brubaker’s Reich #12 and we’ve met our goal, thanks to your support!!! We’ve added a stretch goal and new rewards for a new Yumi Sakugawa mini. The campaign ends at 11:29am CDT on Friday, October 3rd.

I just made this collage of the Miizzzard’s various appearances over the years:

From left to right and top to bottom:

  1. Video still of me dressed as the Miizzzard.
  2. The Miizzzard’s first appearance in a comic.
  3. A drawing from December 2007 colored in Photoshop.
  4. A panel from Hyperbox #1.
  5. First Miizzzard comic drawn in MangaStudio, The Witch ATTACKS the Miizzzard of the Year 2978.
  6. Another ATTACKS comic colored by Josh Burggraf.
  7. Originally published in Future Shock #3, edited by Josh.
  8. Originally published in Digestate, edited by J.T. Yost.
  9. Skew, currently updated weekly on Study Group Comics.

Thanks for all your support y’all!