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July 14th, 2015

“Rock Troll” in RhiZome #3

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I’m the token American in the third issue of the British SF anthology series RhiZome, edited by Rob Jackson and Kyle Baddeley-Read. My comic, “Rock Troll,” is ten pages long. Here’s the first page:

Rock Troll Page 1

RhiZome #3 was reviewed by Richard Bruton on the Forbidden Planet blog. He liked “Rock Troll.” Here’s a quote:

A thing of some shape meets a rock. And the rock turns nasty. And then other stuff. It’s hardly War & Peace but by heck, it’s great. Maybe it’s the visual simplicity of it all, but whatever it was, it’s great.

Buy it from the shop link on Rob Jackson’s website. It’s £4 plus £2 if you’re outside the UK.

Here’s another page:

Rock Troll Page 4

Kyle Baddeley-Read posted an interview with me on the RhiZome blog. Here’s an excerpt:

From the first three issues of RhiZome, what stories have stood out to you? Why?

My favorite story is “Corporation Pop” by Rob Jackson. The first two installments were in RhiZome #1 and #2. I like how Rob depicts a mundane office life that is spiraling out of control into a paranoid fantasy where nothing seems real. Tyler Stafford’s comic in RhiZome #2 is also amazing, like all of his work. He puts in a lot of little details in his drawings that make his SF worlds grounded. I also dig his character designs.

July 10th, 2015

Blank Hill Zine

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I did a drawing for Blank Hill Zine, a book inspired by King of the Hill. The editors, my buddy Jason Poland and Blake Jones, provided a template of Hank’s face that we could fill in.

Drawing this made me feel a little less homesick.

Blank Hill Zine is still available for sale. It’s the spiritual successor to SHAQZINE, edited by Jason Poland and Keith Mclean, which I also contributed to.

SHAQZINE is sadly sold out.

July 7th, 2015

Two Contrasting Vortex Reviews

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Here are two more reviews of Vortex with contrasting perspectives. Click here for blockquotes and links.