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October 7th, 2014

Thanks Y’all!

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Wow, I’m so happy that the Sparkplug Books Kickstarter was funded with a little extra to pay the videographer and t-shirt designer and get Yumi Sakugawa’s mini printed. Thanks so much for all your support!!! We couldn’t have done it without y’all’s likes, shares, faves, boops, retweets, and most of all, pledges.

I’m getting emotional preparing Vortex for the printer. I’ve been tinkering with it off and on since June 2011. It feels bittersweet to close the files for the final time and move the project to my archive folder…

Drawing comics in my studio is such a solitary activity, I can forget that there are so many of y’all out there reading and enjoying <3<3<3 Your support means so much to me, thanks again!

October 2nd, 2014

The Hiizzztory of the Miizzzard Part 9: Summation

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1 day left in the Sparkplug Books Kickstarter campaign to publish my graphic novel Vortex and Elijah Brubaker’s Reich #12 and we’ve met our goal, thanks to your support!!! We’ve added a stretch goal and new rewards for a new Yumi Sakugawa mini. The campaign ends at 11:29am CDT on Friday, October 3rd.

I just made this collage of the Miizzzard’s various appearances over the years:

From left to right and top to bottom:

  1. Video still of me dressed as the Miizzzard.
  2. The Miizzzard’s first appearance in a comic.
  3. A drawing from December 2007 colored in Photoshop.
  4. A panel from Hyperbox #1.
  5. First Miizzzard comic drawn in MangaStudio, The Witch ATTACKS the Miizzzard of the Year 2978.
  6. Another ATTACKS comic colored by Josh Burggraf.
  7. Originally published in Future Shock #3, edited by Josh.
  8. Originally published in Digestate, edited by J.T. Yost.
  9. Skew, currently updated weekly on Study Group Comics.

Thanks for all your support y’all!

October 1st, 2014

The Hiizzztory of the Miizzzard Part 8: The Miizzzard of the Year One Million ATTACKS the Floating Crystal Witch

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2 days left in the Sparkplug Books Kickstarter campaign to publish my graphic novel Vortex and Elijah Brubaker’s Reich #12!

I finished this six-page comic exactly two years ago. Josh Burggraf published it in his astro-sf anthology comic Future Shock #3. I was experimenting with the coloring, trying to the style of my comics closer to my acrylic paintings. I also was trying out a genderbent character design for the Miizzzard, who shifts shape and gender throughout millennia.

Click here to see the rest of The Hiizzztory of the Miizzzard.