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April 16th, 2013

Hyperbroadcasts: Less Posting, TCAF, Future Shock #4

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Hey y’all! I’ve gotten a bit behind in blogging. I’m going to hibernate for a while to get some serious work done. I’ll resurface when I have something substantial. Here’s a progress shot from Vortex #4, which, despite my 2013 new year’s resolution, I’ve only finished five pages of:

The next time you’ll see me is TCAF 2013. Unfortunately Vortex #4 won’t be ready by then.

I’ll be tabling with Josh Burggraf, who’ll be debuting Future Shock #4.

I have a comic in there that I did in collaboration with Sean T Collins.

April 10th, 2013

Monster Face Interaction

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I made this Flash interaction sketch tonight:

Screenshot of the SWF
Roll your mouse over to interact Screenshot of the SWF that I removed on Dec 18th, 2017 because Flash is no longer going to be supported by browsers. The pupils followed the movement of your cursor and the mouth opened when you hovered over it.

Generative art and video games get me as excited as comics. (I’m a chameleon – ten years ago, I would’ve said that performance and conceptual art get me as excited as comics.) In particular, I’ve admired Patrick Smith’s interactive Flash pieces Vectorpark and Windosill. This isn’t my first foray into this territory. I’ve been messing around with Flash and ActionScript 3 for several years now. (I’ve also dipped my toe, ultimately unproductively, into Processing.) However, I recently changed over to a full-time Flash developer / ActionScript 3 programming position at my day job. So I’ve been studying it. Studying something always gives me tons of ideas for related art works, so here’s this.

I actually originally drew everything in MangaStudio, colored it in Photoshop, imported it into Flash, and did a bitmap trace. I’ve always wanted to try that – I think it’s a good approximation of my house style. I’ve got some ideas for bigger projects but we’ll see if I ever get to them. Finishing Vortex has got to be my priority!

April 5th, 2013

Vortex #1 Color Samples

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Here are three pages from the color Vortex #1 that Doodle Republic will be giving away this weekend at MoCCA:

April 2nd, 2013

Vortex at MoCCA: Birdcage Bottom Books and Doodle Republic

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Although I won’t personally be at MoCCA, there will be copies of Vortex at two tables:

Josh Bayer and JT Yost self portraits
Josh Bayer’s self-portrait is on the left and that’s JT Yost on the right.

Birdcage Bottom Books is sharing Table B-58 with Josh Bayer. BBB distros all three issues of Vortex so they’ll have copies there.

Doodle Republic banner

Doodle Republic is going to be handing out samples of a partially colored version of Vortex #1.

Colored Vortex 1 cover

I’ve been working with Doodle Republic on some character designs for their Chatoon app. Chatoon lets users talk verbally and visually by combining their words with avatars, props, and backgrounds done by different artists. Doodle Republic wants their artists to be able to sell their comics on the Chatoon site through a print-on-demand service. They’re giving out these copies of Vortex #1 to show what their printer can do.