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April 27th, 2012

MoCCA 2012

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Thanks to everyone who came out on Wednesday! I’ll have a more substantial post about the release party up later.

Once again I’ll be missing MoCCA but my presence will be haunting the tables because I have work debuting in two anthologies. Secret Prison #666 has a jam drawing I did with Keenan Marshall Keller and Future Shock, the full-color sf anthology edited by Josh Burrgraf, has my two-page story “Hawk”. If you’re at MoCCA check ’em out!

April 24th, 2012

Double Comic Book Release Party Tomorrow Night

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Just a reminder y’all, tomorrow night from 7-9pm at Domy Books in Austin is a double comic book release party for my new minicomic Vortex #2 and Melinda Tracy Boyce’s first issue of her quarterly short fiction and autobio comics collection The Melinderly. Click this flyer for more details:

Double Comic Book Release Party

Here’s the cover spread for Vortex #2:

Double Comic Book Release Party

Just like Vortex #1, #2 is 32 pages of black-and-white sf madness.

April 19th, 2012

Rob Clough Reviews VORTEX #1

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Just in time for the Vortex #2/The Melinderly #1 double comic release party at Domy Books, Rob Clough has posted a review of Vortex #1 alongside some other sf minis! He analyzes how my “deliberately artificial-looking style of line” changes the feeling he gets from the images. Also, I’m honored to be reviewed in the same post as Ryan Cecil Smith.

April 13th, 2012

Announcing a Double Comic Release Party!

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Yo y’all, Melinda Tracy Boyce of Gingham Ghost and I are teaming up to do a double comic release party at Domy Books in Austin from 7 to 9pm on Wednesday, April 25th. Here’s the mash-up flyer:

Vortex #2 and The Melinderly Release Party Flyer

Melinda is releasing the first issue of her quarterly full-color collection of short autobiographical and fiction comics, The Melinderly, while I’m dropping the next issue of Vortex! Here’s the full press release and here’s the Facebook event.

April 10th, 2012

Secret Prison #666 Kickstarter

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Secret Prison #666 is debuting this April at MoCCA 2012! This issue’s a little different from the previous ones – instead of single-page comics, it’s a bunch of double-page team-ups selected by editor Ian Harker and guest editor Pat Aulisio, the editors of RUB THE BLOOD (speaking of which, RUB THE BLOOD is now available in Yeah Dude Comics online store).

Secret Prison 666 cover
Secret Prison #666 cover by Pat Aulisio.

Pat and Ian paired me up with the bad-ass cartoonist Keenan Marshall Keller. We’re both total texture geeks but Keenan’s way more out there than me and is inspiring me to be grosser and more visceral with my drawings than I usually am. I’m loving what we’ve got brewing for SP#666! You can see what I mean about the similarities and differences in our styles in this drawing he did for the Monster Show at Domy Books:

Keenan Marshall Keller drawing
“Amplified Shaman/Acid Jesus” drawing by Keenan.

Ian and Pat are raising funds to print SP#666 via a Kickstarter campaign.

They’ve already met their funding goal for their initial print run and now they’re trying to meet a secondary goal to get even more copies printed. Prizes include SP#666, RUB THE BLOOD, and an 1/8th page ad drawn by myself.

April 6th, 2012

Deth P. Sun at Domy Houston

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Deth P. Sun has a show up at Domy Houston until April 26th. I’ve been pouring through Domy’s online gallery, here are some of my faves:

Triangle 2
For sale here.

For sale here.

Cat Walking through Mirror
Already sold here.

Dark Figure
For sale here.

April 3rd, 2012

Denver Travelogue

This past week Glade and I went to Denver for an extended trip to check it out and had a blast. Here are some of the highlights:

William Cardini at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver
My Denver outfit. Glade took this picture of me at this fantastic craft supply store with workshops and classes called Fancy Tiger Crafts.

I hung out with Denver cartoonists Sam Spina, Lonnie Allen, and some other kewl people at a hipster bar with some pretty good sandwiches (I had a vegan banh mi).

Spindadoodle from 3-29-12
Sam’s diary comic from our hang out sesh (thanks for the shout out!). I didn’t end up going to the Great Divide brewery but I definitely will when I’m in Denver next. I bought his Xeric-award-winning comic Fight, I highly recommend it!

We went out to an old church that’s been turned into a dance club.

The Church in Denver
It’s called, appropriately enough, the Church. I don’t think I’ll go back. There were way more goths, ravers, and hippies in Denver than I’m used to seeing.

Check out this crazy house we saw in Boulder:

Boulder Ship House
I think it looks like a ship. The people we stayed with are building a tiny house. I love it when people figure out alternative living spaces, like Frank Santoro’s earthship.

We spent an afternoon walking up and down South Broadway. There were tons of cool boutiques, galleries, and used book stores.

Ironwood Quartz Lamp
This is a quartz lamp from the super spiritual South Broadway boutique Ironwood. It was a very serene place filled with terrariums and amazing art.

Ok back to drawing!