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March 23rd, 2012

Preview Panel of “Hawk” for Future Shock

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This past week I finished a two-page comic for Josh Burggraf’s sci-fi anthology Future Shock. Here’s a preview panel:

Hawk by William Cardini preview panel

Future Shock will debut at MoCCA 2012.

March 21st, 2012

VGKids at Flatstock 33

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This past week was South by Southwest in Austin. One thing that Glade (I remade her website for her birthday, check it out) and I always like to do is go to Flatstock.

VGKids Flatstock 33 poster
VGKids poster for Flatstock 33.

Flatstock is a convention of concert poster artists put on in various cities by the American Poster Institute. There are always tons of dope screenprints there. We always seek out the art prints and buy a few of those. My favorite this year were a group of screenprinters from Ypsilanti, Michigan called VGKids.

VGKids poster and stickers
Another VGKids poster and stickers. I’m not sure who did this artwork – maybe it’s collaborative?

They also do prints for other people. Check out this two-color Tom Neely print they did:

Tom Neely two-color Moby Dick print by VGKids

March 14th, 2012

Vortex #2 Sketch

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Hey y’all, I’m going to be in pretty deep radio silence over the next few months finishing up some projects, so don’t be surprised if blog posts are delayed. But here’s a sketch of some ideas for Vortex #2:

Vortex #2 Sketch

March 9th, 2012

Hic and Hoc Call for Entries

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Yo y’all check out the first Hic and Hoc call for entries:

Unsolved Mysteries call for entries

March 6th, 2012

Quick STAPLE! 2012 Recap

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There were tons of fun moments at STAPLE! 2012.

Bear Quest costume
I’m chilling with the Cyclopean bear from Zach Taylor’s Bear Quest.

Thanks to everyone who came by our table.

Gold County Paper Mill and Glademade's table at Staple!
The Gold County Paper Mill and Glademade’s table.

I felt like Sunday traffic wasn’t quite as heavy as last year, but it was great to meet fans, hopefully make some new ones, and hang with more cartoonists than I usually see.

March 2nd, 2012

STAPLE! 2012 Preview and Recommendations Megapost

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Hey y’all! STAPLE! is this weekend and I’m super stoked!

I’m going to have a bunch of great stuff at a table with fellow Gold County Paper Mill members Michael Miles, Chuch, David Fullen, and the proprietor of Glademade, my wife Glade.

Michael Miles drawing
A sick skull draw by Mike Miles.

I’m going to have stacks of VORTEX #1; my Rainbow Hypercastle, Hensel Hypercastle, 3D Hypercastle, and One-Color Hypercastle prints; Josh Burggraf’s Kid Space Heater; and the new issue of the GCPM-published poetry and comics magazine Catch Up. Michael Miles will have the zine he debuted last year, Lords ov thee Black Sun, and a new zine. And my wife Glade will be selling her Glademade greeting cards, leather bangles, and Poketo wallets. We’ll be at Table 34 in the Hall.

STAPLE! Gold County Paper Mill location
I’ve marked our table.

To our left is Ao Meng’s Cavalry Press (Meng is also editor of Novi Magazine). He’s gonna have a bunch of great stuff. On the other side of the room from us are cool area cartoonists M. Austin Bedell of Skweegie Island, Jason Poland of Robbie and Bobby, Chris Sweet of Effing Decaf, and Zach Taylor of Bear Quest. And on the back table at the back of the room are the big guns, Chris Staros of Top Shelf and Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and publisher of Heavy Metal.

Zach Taylor Bear Quest pixel art poster
An 11×17″ pixel art poster by Zach Taylor, on sale at STAPLE! and online here. (Update 1/13/2017: This link is defunct.)

In the other room, the Annex, are cartoonist power couple Aaron Whitaker and Melinda Tracy Boyce. Aaron will be debuting his first graphic novel, The City Troll, which successfully met its Kickstarter goal recently. Also in the Annex will be Tom Neely and Virginia Paine, representing Sparkplug Books. I think it’s really cool that they’ll be there. I’m really looking forward to checking out Neely’s book The Wolf.

Melinda Tracy Boyce comic
An autobio comic by Melinda.

See this blog post on the STAPLE! blog for a full list of participating cartoonists and their locations. There’s also a preparty tonight at Austin Books and Comics starting at around 7pm.