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March 30th, 2010

Boongoo Studiooze Presents: SPACE OOZE

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This past week Glade and I have been hard at work getting our collaborative art show for End of an Ear together. We’re going to call it Boongoo Studiooze Presents: SPACE OOZE. It’ll run all April and we’ll have a reception from 6-8pm on 4/20. Here’s a shot of us working on the drawings:

In the bottom middle is an india ink drawing that I drew that Glade colored. On the right I’m working on a gouache painting that Glade is going to draw on with gel pens.

March 26th, 2010

WITCH ATTACKS Screenprints for Sale

As I’ve mentioned, the incredibly talented Rand Renfrow made some dope-ass three-color screenprints of my one-page comic Witch ATTACKS (previously featured on Reynard Seifert’s site hahaclever). Look at these things, they’re perfect, it looks like a machine made them:

If you’re interested in owning one of these limited edition bad boys, they’re on sale at Domy here in Austin or you can just buy one from me. Leave a comment or send an email to mark p hensel at g mail dot com.

Also, check out this video interview that the League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen d00dz did of me and Glade at STAPLE! alongside a bunch of other talented exhibitors. We’re the first ones in this video and there are four more that you can check out if you want to see who all was at STAPLE!:

Because I didn’t give him a shout out in the video, props to Robert Bozwell, fellow member of the GCPM, for the work that he did designing the Catch Up website!

March 24th, 2010

Titanic Clash of the Shamen Shaman Thunder Page 9

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This past week I managed to finish a page of comics for the first time in several weeks, here’s a preview:

This is from the 9th page of the comic that I’m doing with Josh Burggraf. We were calling it Titanic Clash of the Shamen but decided to change the name after we realized that the remake of a certain movie is coming out soon. Now we’re calling it SHAMAN THUNDER, which is a much more accurate description of its contents.

We should have it ready for MoCCA Fest 2010.

March 23rd, 2010

SXSW Recap

This past week was South by Southwest here in Austin which is always hectic.

I didn’t do too much, just hung out at various spots on the east side. I went to Domy Books for 20 Zines in 2 Days, put on by my buddy Rand Renfrow of Test Everything and the folks at Winners! Press. Unfortunately (for me) it was so crowded that I never got a chance to draw, but I did get to check out Katy Horan’s awesome art show there.

I also went to Okaymountain. In the main room they had a totally dope show called Temple of Booom, a collaborative installation by the artist-run alternative space Cinders Gallery that will be open til April 17th. Then, in the project space, they had drawings by a group of dope-ass artists from Lawrence, KS who call themselves the Asteroid Head Art Club. They were all wearing maroon Asteroid Head jumpsuits with wigs and tiny little flags, here’s a pic of me posing with one of ’em:


The bands at Okaymountain were the best that I heard all South By (not that I heard that many):

  • Silent Diane, an electro/new wave band from Austin who just put out a marbled blue 7″
  • White Mice, a noise band from Providence who wear crazy mice costumes emblazoned with Satanist slogans and play cymbals topped with saw blades
  • Chica Vas, a seventeen-piece all-woman, mostly percussion band from Austin, Brooklyn, and Osaka who got the whole room dancing on Saturday nite
  • These Are Powers, a kewl electronic band from Brooklyn

March 19th, 2010

20 Zines in 2 Days

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My buddy Rand is helping to put on this awesome event this weekend here in Austin (which I just realized is already halfway over as I post this):


Winners! Press and Test Everything have teamed up to present 20 Zines In 2 Days! Join us as we attempt this whirlwind feat of making 20 completely different zines containing drawings, photos and collage in two short days during Domy’s WHAT BY WHAT-EVER.

All content will be created on-site and all the zine themes will be determined by submissions. Anyone can submit an idea. Just send an email to: info@winnerspress.com with your name and idea for a theme.

Everyone is welcome to collaborate and all participants will be featured in at least one editioned, handmade zine!


March 16th, 2010

Love Is the Foundation of the Cosmos

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I didn’t finish a page of comics last week, but I did finally finish this drawing:

I made it because a friend of mine asked for art for their wedding. I ended up really liking this image because I’ve been feeling the love of the cosmos lately. I’m probably going to end up turning it into a tshirt or something before too long, so stay tuned!

March 12th, 2010

Joe Legz Awthum Fetht V Poster

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How could I post my Awthum Fetht V flyer and not post the dope-ass one that my buddy Joe Legz made?

Let me remedy that right now:

Joe will you ever forgive me?

Awthum Fetht V

The past week and a half I haven’t been doing any comic pages. Instead I’ve been working on different versions of a flyer/poster for Awthum Fetht V, which will be next week here in Austin.

Here’s the internet flyer:

Here’s the 11 x 17 color poster, with a full list of all the bands:

They might have some prints of this poster for the first few people who get in the door.

I’m available to do flyers and other promotional materials for bands or shows. If you’re interested, just leave a comment or send me a message at mark p hensel at g mail dot com (no spaces).

March 9th, 2010

STAPLE! 2010 Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the Gold County Paper Mill and Glademade at our half table this year, we had a blast!

pictured: Dave Fullen and Dr. Chuch of the GCPM, and one of the guys from the Poopsheet Foundation

Each year STAPLE! gets better for us and we really appreciate y’all for making it happen. As you can see, the GCPM debuted a lot of new items at this show, including our DVD of performance art, GPCM t-shirts, David Fullen‘s zine of sci-fi short-short stories Swimming at Work, Jak Cardini‘s poetry chapbook There Is a Mars, and dope three-color screenprints of my one-page comic WITCH ATTACKS done by the super talented Rand Renfrow as part of his publishing initiative Test Everything. Next year, we’ll have even more – we’re definitely going to have to get a full table.

And for all of y’all who weren’t at STAPLE!, never fear, we’ll be posting our new items for sale here or on our etsy soon. And hey, if you don’t want to wait, just leave a comment or send an email to mark p hensel at gmail dot com (no spaces).

March 5th, 2010

STAPLE! 2010 Stuff

Last nite Glade and I were jamming to some Van Der Graaf Generator and working in our studios. I was finishing up my flyer for Awthumfetht 2010 while Glade worked on cards for STAPLE! 2010, which I’m super stoked about. I got a package full of GCPM t-shirts and poetry chapbooks from my buddy Jak Cardini yesterday, so I was able to lay out most of the stuff that we’ll have on Saturday, check it out:

Dr Chuch also put together a bunch of our DVDs:

I hope to see y’all on Saturday! We’ll be at table 51A.

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