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June 30th, 2009

Found Abstract Comic “Clock Farms”

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via big picture.

Over my weekend trip to Hensylvania (my first ever visit to the Hensel Hill Farm, which has been run by Hensels for six generations, since my great-great-great-grandfather bought the farm in 1820 for $4,000 and a bottle of whiskey!), I pretty much finished the DS remake of Chrono Trigger, which I first played when I came out in 1995, and when I found this image I realized it would be the perfect way to commemorate both events …

Also, playing through Chrono Trigger really got me itching to design a video game … anyway want to collab on Hyperbox: the Videogame?

X-Ray Vision

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I just finished my submission to TAFFY HIPS #3.5!
Here’s a preview:

TAFFY HIPS submission

Its a gridded drawing that explores some of the ideas that I put into SHAMANMAN for SMOKE SIGNAL …

June 26th, 2009

Henrik Rehr’s Rekjavik

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via abstract comics: the blog.

June 23rd, 2009

Fort Thunder Pile-Up

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A collection of Providence comics from the past 15 years, assembled from the archives of The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research. From Greg Cook, more images from the comics at his original post.

June 21st, 2009

Froghead Hangover Review #2

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Froghead Hangover got reviewed over at Optical Sloth, here’s a quote:

I’ll just say that any ambivalence I had about the last issue is gone with this one, as this is a pile of fun. Those frog eyes will haunt you if you’re not careful, if you read this you’ll see what I mean.


The review is on the same page as the review for TRANZ, so if you scroll down you can check that out too.

June 19th, 2009


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via universe today. A high-resolution model of a sunspot, but not the thing itself. Beautiful and eerie – it seems like scientists spend most of their time these days trying to understand the world by building increasingly complex virtual models of the world rather than by looking at the world itself.

You Must Submit

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Future planzzz (taking precedence over previously published list):

Submit something to TAFFY HIPS #3.5 – U SHLD 2
Draw more SHAMANMAN strips and submit them for future issues of SMOKE SIGNAL – U SHLD 2

June 18th, 2009

Lizzy Wetzel at Women and their Work

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Lizzy Wetzel has a solo show up at Women and their Work here in sweltering Austin, Texas. Here’s a sample of her previous work, from her website:

Thnx Ben.

Her solo show, called THE MEDICINE SHOW, is up until July 16th. Y’all should check it out!

June 17th, 2009

Sketch Klubb Houston

Sketch Klubb Houston has a show called SHOW US YOUR ZITS opening this Saturday at the Joanna in Houston.

My buddy Russell Etchen, who manages the dope ass art comic book store Domy Books in Houston and Austin co-founded the Houston Sketch Klubb and started the Austin Sketch Klubb X Draw Thyme (of which I’m a member) is gonna have work up, among others I don’t know! If you’re in Houston come check it out, I know I’ll be there …

June 16th, 2009

Stud Nite

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I just got back from my weekly studio nite. I finished a storyboard for the motion comic that I’m gonna make with Will Sellari (tentatively titled Hyperbox #3.7) and I did some sketches.

Stud Nite

I was really struggling to come up with some ideas for my Taffy Hips submission. Maybe the freedom of digital printing (no size limits, full color) is too much for my feeble imagination?

Stud Nite

I dig the sense of a world that I managed to create in the drawing at the top of this page, maybe it’d be good for a videogame? Otherwise I’m just filling the page. Giants. Yawn. Tarp things and crystals. Yawn.

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